Welcome to MOVEMBER.



Blastmedia is pleased to support the month of MOVEMBER. Check out the latest @ Boardroom Boardshop on West4th as they proudly support MOVEMBER with SAXX Underwear Co.

Saxx Undwear AD @ Boardroom on West4th, Vancouver, BC

This has been the most fun window display we’ve work on to date. It includes several different elements.

BACK DROP – Middle Duty Vinyl banner material at 450GSM. The banners were screwed onto 2×1? pcs of wood and then drilled into the ceiling allowing the backdrop to be built in 4x 10foot sections. The 2×1? wood allowed us the drape the banner without causing any wrinkles or puckering.

CUT VINYL – Massive exterior adhesive black cut vinyl, was applied to the outside of the window. It makes up the SAXX Underwear CO., logo, and the “proudly supporting Movember” lettering.


SAXX Underwear photos as seen below the logo. This large exterior adhesive sticker was cut out by hand, and then applied to the outside of the window. We placed the logo, and underwear on the outside of the window to achieve the best visibility.


Last and certainly not least is the “moustache” hand made by the good people over at SAXX, and especially John Minns, of Vancouver, BC.

a GIANT Thank you guys out to the people over at Saxx Underwear Co., and NO LIMITS Distribution for giving Blastmedia the opportunity to execute one of their designs for such an excellent cause.

Fully OPAQUE Double Sided Prints.


Blastmedia is pleased to be offering FULLY 100% opaque prints with the ability to print on BOTH sides. Large Format Double side printing is generally hard to find and usually very expensive – due to the costs of finding a fully 100% opaque material. We have found a much more cost efficient material and we pass the savings on to you. Check them out.



Native Shoes ad @ Gravity Pope in Vancouver, BC - OUTSIDE LOOKING IN



Gravity Pope AD for Native Shoes

Interior Adhesives with REMOVABLE glue.



32 Boots ad @ Boardroom in North Van



Interior Adhesive with Removable Glue AD

Blastmedia is pleased to report that we are now offering Interior Adhesive Graphics with removable glue. Interior adhesive graphics are used when you want a graphic to be stuck to the inside of the window, and yet visible from the outside of the window. This method is generally used when you have an ad that is placed on the 2nd story building or higher. It allows you to place the ad without having to use an expensive scissor lift to install the artwork to the outside of a window.

The removable factor is also a cost savings as it allows you to remove the ad quickly and easily without having to use expensive, and toxic chemicals to remove the application. The removable glue is great in situations where you have different ads rotating. It also works great to protect the glass or surface your covering from the elements.

32 Boots AD on Boardroom West4th Wall. 15 feet without any SEEMS.


32 Boots AD, Featured on the Boardroom Wall on West 4th, Vancouver, BC, on November 1st, 2011. The ad is 15 feet wide X 16feet tall. The banner is printed on a single piece of nylon banner material. Blastmedia is one of the few printers able to supply a banner of this size on a single piece of material. There are no seems!! This is one single piece throughout the entire 15ft span.

Check out their amazing snowboarding boots @ http://thirtytwo.com/ famously distributed by the guys at www.timebomb.bc.ca or http://timebombtrading.blogspot.com/2011/11/32-dragon-x-boardroom-installations.html to see the latest news.