Granville Street

Hobo - recreational cannabis store

We did a few Hobo stores in Vancouver and Ottawa. Hobo is a marijuana outlet that recently opened a few locations. We did their concrete adhesive stickers and security film. We printed and installed a privacy film, this is to comply with BC marijuana requirements. You can find Hobo stores on Main Street and Granville Street in Vancouver, BC. Also check them out in Ottawa!

LRGxUnderworldxGranville St.


Here's another store front window we did for Timebomb Trading. Another great LRG display printed and installed by us this past week. If you are on, around or near 1042 Granville Street in Vancouver swing by Underworld and check out this display. We used an exterior adhesive window vinyl which has removable glue on it for an easier take down. We get great feedback from our customers on this saying that it's very easy to take down and with minimal to no mess.

LRG always has great displays and we love printing and installing them each time! Granville Street can enjoy the LRG panda and logo on the Underworld window for weeks to come.