vancouver convention centre

KNOWSHOW January 2019

We did a big load of print and install work for different brands at the KNOWSHOW this year. Instead of listing the brand names we will just show you all the pictures of the work we did! There are a lot! Get your eyes ready!

KnowShow 2018

The Knowshow took place July 17-18th at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Downtown Vancouver. We did a whole bunch of printing for several different brands this year.  From vinyl to signage to banners we covered it all. Take a look through this slideshow to see all the items we printed and installed. 

Knowshow 2018

We produced a whole bunch of items for various brands at the Knowshow this January. Here are some pictures of some of the prints and installs we did.

Today is the last day to go check it out in downtown Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Centre. 

Here are a few of the brands that we worked with on this event. Volcom. Obey. Saxx. My Package. People. Natives. Taiken. RVCA. Fbomb. Timebomb. Stance. Dragon. Thirtytwo. Spy. Nixon. Rip Curl. Tentree.  PLUS many more!