Ultra strong, FOR half the price per square foot

Mesh banners are designed for outdoor use, where strong winds may become prevalent. They are typically wrapped around scaffolding structures, or attached to fences to ad an element of privacy or for advertising purposes. Our mesh banner material is extremely strong and can be printed up to 100ft long without the need for seams or any additional re-enforcements. We double fold and sew the edges with extra large metal grommets for especially large projects. Mesh banners are made from a tightly woven nylon plastic material with tiny holes, allowing wind to pass through the material. The mesh banner surface is relatively smooth and displays the full-color image crystal clear.
Finishing Options:

Grommets – Metal eyelets made for hanging the canvass material.

Fold & Glue – Folded edges for additional strength, and edge finishing.

Fold & Sew – Folded and sewn edges for supreme strength.

Pockets – Pockets can be sewn for pipe and drape fixtures, as well as other various needs.

Racking System – We can build a racking system to hold your canvass sign.

Print Options:

Indoor Outdoor-UV 150DPI

Where to use?
Mesh banners are designed for use in high-wind areas. They are typically attached by grommets to scaffolding structures, or fences. They can also be used indoors, and provide a unique look.

Installation Information:
Smaller projects can be installed by nearly anyone. Our mesh banners come with grommets on each of the 4 corners, and every 24” around the perimeter. They can be attached to any structure with zap straps, or rope as necessary. Licensed, insured and certified professionals must install larger projects.