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Interior Adhesives with REMOVABLE glue.

Interior Adhesives with REMOVABLE glue.



32 Boots ad @ Boardroom in North Van



Interior Adhesive with Removable Glue AD

Blastmedia is pleased to report that we are now offering Interior Adhesive Graphics with removable glue. Interior adhesive graphics are used when you want a graphic to be stuck to the inside of the window, and yet visible from the outside of the window. This method is generally used when you have an ad that is placed on the 2nd story building or higher. It allows you to place the ad without having to use an expensive scissor lift to install the artwork to the outside of a window.

The removable factor is also a cost savings as it allows you to remove the ad quickly and easily without having to use expensive, and toxic chemicals to remove the application. The removable glue is great in situations where you have different ads rotating. It also works great to protect the glass or surface your covering from the elements.

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