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81 West Pender Street Unit D, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R3 | +1 (877) 967-7468 | 250 Yonge St #2201 Toronto, ON M5B 2L7 | (647) 361-4527

Vehicle Graphics & Car Wraps

Transform Your Fleet into Moving Billboards with Vehicle Graphics from Blast Media Print

Discover a range of vehicle graphics, at Blast Media Print that combine creativity with mobility to turn your vehicles into marketing tools. Our expertise in merchandising and signage brings you customized vehicle wrap solutions to boost your brand visibility and leave a mark on the road. Explore the opportunities of vehicle advertising.

Types of Vehicle Wraps Offered by Blast Media Print

At Blast Media Print, we understand the importance of standing out on the road. That's why we offer a variety of vehicle wraps designed to suit your needs. Here are some examples of the different types of vehicle wraps we can produce:

Full Vehicle Wraps: Create an impression with a full vehicle wrap that covers the entire surface of your vehicle. Whether you aim to showcase your brand or highlight a product or service a full vehicle wrap offers exposure and effectiveness.

Partial Vehicle Wraps: For a more subtle approach, consider a partial vehicle wrap that covers specific areas of your vehicle, such as the hood, doors, or windows. Partial wraps are a cost-effective option that still delivers a strong visual impact.

Vinyl Lettering and Graphics: Add your company logo, contact information, and other custom graphics to your vehicle with vinyl lettering and graphics. Vinyl decals are a great option that allows for easy customization and branding on any vehicle surface.

Truck Wraps: Turn your truck into a mobile billboard with a custom truck wrap. Whether you have a single truck or a fleet, our truck wraps are designed to command attention and help promote your brand message wherever you go.

Fleet Wraps: Transform your entire fleet of vehicles into cohesive mobile advertising platforms with fleet wraps. Whether you have a few vehicles or a large fleet, we can create uniform designs that reinforce your brand identity and maximize exposure wherever your vehicles go.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Wraps

1. What are vehicle wraps, and how do they work?

Vehicle wraps consist of vinyl graphics applied directly onto the vehicles surface. They are tailored to fit the vehicles shape. Can be personalized with any design or message. Vehicle wraps work by using top quality vinyl material that sticks to the cars surface resulting in an long lasting finish.

2. How long do vehicle wraps last?

The durability of a vehicle wrap relies on factors such, as the quality of materials the type of vinyl and how well its maintained. Typically an installed wrap can last between three to seven years with care.

3. Are vehicle wraps removable?

Yes vehicle wraps are removable. When handled by trained professionals wraps can be taken off without causing damage to the paint or leaving any residue behind. This makes them a great choice for promotions or leased vehicles.

4. Can vehicle wraps be washed?

Yes! Vehicle wraps can be washed like any car. It's best to hand wash with a detergent and water or use a pressure washer on pressure. Avoid cleaners or brushes that could harm the wrap.

5. Are vehicle wraps weatherproof?

Absolutely! Vehicle wraps are designed to withstand weather elements like rain, snow, sun exposure and temperature changes. They're made from top notch materials and laminates, for durability and weather resistance.

6. Can vehicle wraps be customized with graphics and branding?

Course vehicle wraps offer customization options allowing you to incorporate any graphics, logos, text or branding elements that reflect your style. Our team of designers is skilled, at creating wraps that convey your brands message effectively and grab attention while on the road.

7. Do vehicle wraps require any special maintenance?

Although vehicle wraps are sturdy and require upkeep it's important to follow some guidelines to extend their durability. Avoid using chemicals or rough cleaners on the wrap and try not to park the vehicle under sunlight for long periods whenever possible. Regular washing and waxing can help maintain the wraps appearance.

8. Are vehicle wraps cost-effective compared to other forms of advertising?

Yes, vehicle wraps are known for being a budget advertising method when compared to platforms like billboards, print advertisements or TV spots. By making a one time investment in a wrap you can expose your brand to an audience wherever your vehicle travels ensuring visibility.

9. Can vehicle wraps protect the vehicle's paint underneath?

Yes, vehicle wraps serve as a layer for the paint beneath them. The vinyl material acts as a shield, against scratches, rock chips and minor damages that could affect the resale value of the vehicle.

10. Are vehicle wraps suitable for all types of vehicles?

Absolutely, vehicle wraps can be used on a range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, buses, trailers, boats and even motorcycles! Whether you own one vehicle or a whole fleet we can create a custom wrap to perfectly fit your vehicles size and design preferences.

Vehicle wraps offer a versatile and cost-effective way to showcase your brand and capture attention on the road. With Blast Media Print's expertise in visual merchandising and signage, you can trust us to deliver high-quality vehicle wrap solutions that elevate your brand presence and drive results. Contact us today to learn more about our vehicle wrap options and start turning heads wherever you go.

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