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81 West Pender Street Unit D, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R3 | +1 (877) 967-7468 | 250 Yonge St #2201 Toronto, ON M5B 2L7 | (647) 361-4527

Out-Of-Home Advertising

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Speak to the marketing experts at Blast Media Inc. for out-of-home advertising tips, targeted messaging strategies, and more.

If your advertising efforts are not getting you the results you need, why not consider out-of-home advertising? It encompasses the advertisements a consumer will typically encounter when they leave their home. For example, they may see content while on a shopping trip, school run, or restaurant visit.

The team at Blast Media Inc. has seen great results from OOH advertising across Toronto, Vancouver, and surrounding areas. We would be happy to tell you more about exploring this cost-effective avenue as part of your next advertising campaign.

Types of Out of Home Advertising

Can business owners enhance their marketing performance by mixing different methods? Absolutely. Relevant options might include the following: 

Outdoor Advertising on Street Furniture

Why place items on benches, chairs, and other outdoor pieces? The location allows people to interact with the advertisements, igniting a powerful sense memory people will automatically associate with your product or service.

Signs and Billboards

Although classic signs and billboards are an older form of advertising, they still work. We cannot overlook their effectiveness, especially since these platforms reach surprisingly diverse target audiences.

Buildings, Bus Shelters, and Other Structures

Many buildings carry resonance within the community, forming the backdrop for social or business interactions, childhood memories, and more. Associating an advertisement with that structure adds richness and symbolism to any marketing campaign that has a huge impact.

Buses and Other Transit Media

Transit vehicles present a captive audience for messaging. A large number of consumers eagerly respond to visual stimulation while passively sitting on the way to their destination.

Performance-Based Advertising

Do you want your brand to leave a lasting impression? Consider displaying the messages through the following performance styles:

  • Exciting flashmobs
  • Memorable mascots
  • Interactive experiences

Even someone spinning a sign can break through the monotony to get your message out.

The Benefits of OOH Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, and DOOH Advertising

How does regular and digital outdoor advertising achieve lasting results? It makes the best use of a medium and context.

You Can Tailor the Message for the Environment

Does your message consider the goals, state of mind, and outdoor environment? For example, an advertisement for a vacation getaway might resonate particularly well with people stuck in a bus shelter on a rainy day. An attorney’s advertisement for helping drivers regain lost driving privileges could succeed in the same location for a very different reason.

You Can Integrate Consumers’ Everyday Routines

Tailored campaigns reach consumers with relevant messages to their day. For example, signage advertising health drinks or sneakers might do well along a path that joggers use daily.

You Can Encourage Repeat Engagements

Consumers frequent the same places, so out-of-home advertising in high-traffic environments is more likely to achieve repeated engagements. Scientific studies confirm that repetition improves memory for information and trust in the content, especially when consumers encounter it in familiar locations during daily routines.

You Can Reach a Large Audience

Billboards, signs, and other visible marketing content will reach more people. They even garner more views than some digital, print, or mass media marketing forms.

Are There Challenges In OOH Advertising?

No media platform is perfect, and not every OOH advertising campaign will succeed. Possible disruptions could arise from the following:

  • Inclement weather
  • Graffiti
  • Unintended double meanings
  • Active co-opting of your message by neighbouring advertisements and more

However, you don’t need to let these pitfalls define your approach. Industry experts like Blast Media Inc. still make a strong case for pursuing an OOH campaign.

Tailored Marketing Campaigns With Blast Media Inc.

Would you like to take advantage of OOH advertising’s transformative benefits? Integrating an OOH campaign with social media marketing and conventional media marketing could yield a substantial return on investment.

Call Blast Media Inc. at our Vancouver office (877) 967-7468 or Toronto office (647) 361-4527 for more on leveraging print-based and digital media. We look forward to working with you on a breakthrough out-of-home advertising campaign to help your brand take flight.

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