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81 West Pender Street Unit D, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R3 | +1 (877) 967-7468 | 250 Yonge St #2201 Toronto, ON M5B 2L7 | (647) 361-4527
81 West Pender Street Unit D, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R3 | +1 (877) 967-7468 | 250 Yonge St #2201 Toronto, ON M5B 2L7 | (647) 361-4527

Banner Printing

High quality custom banner printing. Promote your business in a big way. 

Discover our array of banner printing options tailored to meet the requirements of your business. Here, at Blast Media Print we provide a selection of banners meticulously crafted with precision and care. Whether you aim to promote an event, spruce up your store experience or boost brand visibility our banners offer the solution. With features and top grade materials we ensure that your message stands out.

Types of Banner Printing

Explore the range of banner printing choices offered at Blast Media Print:

Vinyl Banners: Sturdy and weather resistant vinyl banners are ideal for both advertising and indoor displays. Our superior printing techniques guarantee hues and crisp visuals that capture attention effortlessly.

Fabric Banners: Suited for trade shows, exhibitions or upscale gatherings fabric banners exude an professional appearance. With options for dimensions and finishing touches you can create a display that mirrors your brand identity.

Mesh Banners: Opt for mesh banners when visibility is crucial. Their perforated structure allows wind to flow through seamlessly making them suitable for outdoor settings with strong winds. Whether at construction sites or sports events mesh banners offer exposure without compromising on durability.

Retractable Banners: When you need to advertise on the move retractable banners offer convenience and flexibility. These banners are great, for trade shows, presentations or any event where space is limited due to their setup and portability.

Banner Stands: Boost your campaigns with custom banner stands tailored to showcase your message. Our banner stands come in sizes and styles ensuring a presentation that captures attention.

Canvas Banners: Elevate your displays with the sophistication of canvas banners. Ideal for use these banners exude a premium look. Feel, making them perfect for art exhibitions, galleries or upscale events. Our top notch printing guarantees colors and sharp details to amplify the impact of your message.

Street Pole Banners: Stand out in settings with street pole banners designed for mounting on street poles lamp posts or other vertical structures. These banners maximize visibility in high traffic areas. Are a way to attract attention whether you're promoting a local event, festival or business.

Step and Repeat Banners: Set the stage for events with step and repeat banners. Great for red carpet events, photo booths or business gatherings, step and repeat banners showcase recurring patterns to create a branded backdrop for photos and media coverage. Our customizable choices guarantee that your step and repeat banner aligns with your events theme and branding guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions about Banner Printing

1. What materials are used for banner printing?

  We mainly utilize vinyl, fabric and mesh materials for banner printing. Vinyl banners are sturdy and resistant to weather conditions making them perfect for applications. Fabric banners offer an appearance and texture ideal for showcases or high end events. Mesh banners are crafted for use in conditions featuring a perforated design that allows wind to pass through without compromising visibility.

2. Can I customize the size and design of my banner?

  Absolutely! We provide customization options, for both size and design to ensure your banner suits your needs. Whether you require a size or a custom dimension tailored to fit a space our team is here to cater to your preferences. Moreover we offer design services to assist you in crafting an impactful banner that effectively conveys your message.

3. What printing techniques are used for banners?

We use cutting edge printing methods, such, as printing and large format printing to guarantee top notch results for our banners. Digital printing provides colors and crisp graphics while large format printing enables us to print on a variety of materials and sizes. Our advanced printing technology ensures that your banner stands out and leaves a lasting impact.

4. How long does it take to produce a custom banner?

  The production timeframe for custom banners varies depending on factors like design complexity order quantity and current workload. Nonetheless we aim to fulfill orders while upholding quality standards. Our team will offer you an estimated production schedule tailored to your needs to ensure your banner is ready as per your timeline.

5. Are your banners suitable for outdoor use?

  Absolutely our banners are crafted to endure elements and are ideal for outdoor usage. We employ materials and weather resistant printing methods to guarantee that your banner retains its vibrancy and integrity in challenging weather conditions. Whether you require a banner, for sidewalk displays, event signage or outdoor advertising purposes you can rely on our banners for enduring performance.

6. Do you offer installation services for banners?

Our installation team offers a wide range of banner installation options. We also offer guidance and recommendations for installing your banner effectively. Depending on the location and mounting surface, different installation methods may be required. Our team can advise you on the best practices for installing your banner to ensure a professional and secure display.

7. Can I reuse my banner for future events?

Absolutely! Our banners are crafted to be durable and long lasting allowing you to reuse them for events or promotions. By taking care of your banner and storing it correctly you can extend its lifespan. Keep it in top condition for future use. We suggest storing your banner in a climate controlled area when not in use to prevent any damage and preserve its quality.

8. Do you offer bulk discounts for large orders?

Yes we provide pricing and discounts for orders of banners. Whether you require a banner or a large order, for locations or events our team can create a personalized quote based on your specific needs. We aim to offer cost pricing while maintaining high quality standards so that you receive the value for your investment.

9. What file formats do you accept for artwork and designs?

Which file formats do you accept for artwork. Designs?We welcome a range of file types, for artwork and designs such as PDF, AI, EPS, JPEG and PNG. Our team is here to assist you in ensuring that your artwork complies with the printing requirements like resolution, color mode and bleed. If you have preferences or requirements regarding file formats please inform us so we can accommodate your needs accordingly.

10. How can I place an order for a custom banner?

To order a custom banner with Blast Media Print is simple and convenient. You can begin by reaching out to our team through our website by phone or by visiting us in person. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will walk you through the ordering process which includes selecting the material, size and design options for your banner. Once we have all the details from you we will provide a quote along with a production timeline. We will then collaborate closely with you to ensure that your banner meets your expectations and is delivered on time.

With Blast Media Print, you can trust that your banner printing needs are met with professionalism and expertise. Contact us today to learn more about our services and elevate your brand with high-quality banners customized to your specifications.

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