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JR Furniture is located on the north side of Grandview Highway between Rupert Street to the east and Renfrew Street to the west. The area is well served by two SkyTrain stations where over 40,000 vehicles drive by each day. That’s ALOT of potential customers that are now being reached, at a very low cost.

And that is the philosophy behind BLASTmedia. high-IMPACT with low-COST. We were able to install a custom fitted aluminum racking system which allows JR the flexibility in changing their banner design quickly, and efficiently. Blast Media’s racking system “stretches” the banner material allowing for a flatter, higher impact image without having to go with an expensive, wood and sticker route which requires city building permits, & heavy expensive infrastructure.

Now consider the costs of reaching 40,000 other targeted audiences each day through other adveritisng mediums… Google Adwords for example will charge you anywhere from $.75 to $3.00 per click x 40,000 = ALOT. Print advertising, Websites, Natural & Organic SEO are all great forms of advertising however come with a much higher cost. Blast Media is able to help you realize the potential of a seemingly forgotten assett… YOUR LOCATION.

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