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Rakes and Ladders truck&trailer wrap

Rakes and Ladders truck&trailer wrap

2014-04-27 13.20.132014-04-27 13.20.13

2014-04-27 13.20.13

2014-04-27 13.20.032014-04-27 13.20.03

2014-04-27 13.20.03

We printed and installed this fab funky wrap for Rakes and Ladders on another one of their trucks and trailers. The client is super pleased with it and so are we! The install was completed in a couple of days and now this wrap can be seen out and about in the city.

We get these wraps done so well, down to every little detail on the trucks, cars, trailers or what ever you need wrapped. Check out how great we got the wrap to go over the F350 and powered by diesel in the pictures below.

2014-04-26 14.26.432014-04-26 14.26.43

2014-04-26 14.26.43

2014-04-26 14.26.132014-04-26 14.26.13

2014-04-26 14.26.13

If you have a design done or need an idea brought to life get at us. We can get it done for you! Glad our friends at Rakes and Ladders thought of us again on another one of their wraps. Check them out for any landscaping services you need done in Vancouver. Thanks guys!

2014-04-27 13.19.072014-04-27 13.19.07

2014-04-27 13.19.07

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