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Anxiety Free Covid Signage

Anxiety Free Covid Signage

We printed and installed this Covid19 signage for the Downtown Vancouver BIA. We are designing, printing and installing more anxiety free signage to put up during this pandemic. Vancouver and all of BC are doing a great job at following guidelines set by Dr.Bonnie and we at Blast Media are happy to help in any way we can. These signs are sponsored by Forties BC and are in Cathedral square, Hornsby and Hastings and Dunsmuir and Richards. We helped design these signs to tell a story and be recognizable without having to actually read them. Look for these hand washing stations and physical distancing signs around Downtown Vancouver.

Spread Love. Not Germs.

Spread Love. Not Germs. - Vancouver DT BIA. Fortis BC. IMG-20200717-WA0004.jpg

Spread Love. Not Germs.


Vancouver DT BIA. Fortis BC.

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