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Below the Belt and Street stores

Below the Belt and Street stores


Below the Belt

is a chain store that appeals to fashionable young adults. Featuring many West Coast casual and denim brands. BTB and STREET by Below the Belt showcase the latest fashion forward styles from many premium brands. BTB is a great company with many great deals on clothes. Just last month one of us picked up a pair of jeans for just $20! That's a score!

Light Box FilmLight Box Film

Light Box Film

Light Box at BTB EdmtontonLight Box at BTB Edmtonton

Light Box at BTB Edmtonton

We do a TON of different large format printing and digital back lit print media for the well known clothing company. We've done everything from their rack cards to the posters that hang in stores to their awesome light boxes. We use Sintra for their some of their posters. The rack cards and P.O.P materials are double sided and mounted to foam core. BTB has 28 Below the Belt and Street stores across BC and Alberta and we are proud to say we work with all of them.

Volcom Double Sided Foam coreVolcom Double Sided Foam core

Volcom Double Sided Foam core

billabong and spy light box filmbillabong and spy light box film

billabong and spy light box film

Any time you see a change in the print and promo at any of these stores you can bet we had something to do with the printing of most of the items! Thanks Below the Belt for choosing us to work with. We look forward to many more projects in the near future!

6x4ft light box film6x4ft light box film

6x4ft light box film

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