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BIG 40' RV wrap

BIG 40' RV wrap


We just recently completed this 40' RV for

Stryder Motorfreight

. This is the largest wrap job we have done as of yet and what a beauty she is! Check out Stryder's website for more information on their great company


before after



RV - PassengerRV - Passenger

RV - Passenger

RV - Front Left BEFORERV - Front Left BEFORE

RV - Front Left BEFORE

RV - Front Left AFTERRV - Front Left AFTER

RV - Front Left AFTER

We are very proud of this wrap! All of the contours are wrapped perfectly. The wording "adventurer" which you can see in the picture below is wrapped so well. You can see it perfectly through the vinyl.

RV - Perfect conformityRV - Perfect conformity

RV - Perfect conformity

This RV wrap includes a 3 year limited warranty with 7-10 year life expectancy. You can be sure you'll see this RV out and around Canada and even in the US! Stryder Motorfreight Ltd. operates throughout Western Canada and the Pacific Northwestern United States.

RV - Front RightRV - Front Right

RV - Front Right

RV - Front Left AFTERRV - Front Left AFTER

RV - Front Left AFTER

RV - Back RightRV - Back Right

RV - Back Right

Get at us for any questions on wrapping your car, bus, truck, RV, vending machine, photobooth, etc. If it needs a wrapping we can do it! We hope to hear from you 1-877-967-7468.

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