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F.I.S.H. -F-resh -I-deas -S-tart -H-ere

F.I.S.H. -F-resh -I-deas -S-tart -H-ere


When the owners of the the F.I.S.H - store came to us - they asked for something that would get the attention of passers-by while also providing an element of privacy for their shoppers. We printed and designed the artwork from top to bottom - meeting the clients needs, while keeping it simple, and eye catching! This graphic was printed onto a permanent adhesive window vinyl, and applied to the exterior of the window maximizing it's visibility. We printed this with our HIGH-REZ - UV printer - it is guaranteed to last 3-5 years without ANY fading or pealing. Our quality and attention to detail is second to none in the biz!

If you're looking for some seriously fresh seafood - check out - or head down - they are located at

#180-7515 Market Xing Phone: (604) 431-9392 Burnaby, BC, V6J 0A3

Fish - LOGOFish - LOGO

Fish - LOGO

FISH - hours of operationFISH - hours of operation

FISH - hours of operation

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