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Fabric Donation

by Shopify API

All of the fabric that we print gets donated to the North West Skills Institute.

Blast Media is proud to have partnered with North West Skills Institute - a Non-Profit and social benefit organization for individuals seeking amazing careers. We donate our unneeded, discarded fabric from print advertising to be repurposed into reusable bags and other items. This keeps our fabric out of landfills and helps others looking for careers in the sewing industry. If your company has fabric from print advertising we are happy to pick up for FREE or pay for the shipping to have it discarded or un-needed fabric that we've printed donated to the NWSI. One of our managers, Reid is shown here donating the spider man fabric we printed and installed last month. We donate the fabric, and pay for the delivery on our side to keep it outta the landfills!

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  • ELISON6445Jan 19, 2021

    Thank you!!1

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