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Glow in the dark stickers! They GLOW!!

Glow in the dark stickers! They GLOW!!


These stickers are out of this world! We did these glow in the dark stickers for

Fortune Sound Club


Happy Ending Fridays

. These custom die cut alien head shapes will for sure light up the nights in Vancouver. Keep your eye out for them on the streets, we're sure you won't miss the GLOW-ing around town.





They have your simple crackn' peel adhesive liner for easy application. The glow in the dark ink is a mixture of glow grains mixed in with varnish to create that awesome glow in the dark ink. The glow in the dark ink is screen printed and then we ran offset printing on top of the glow in the dark ink.



Get down to Fortune Sound Club on a Friday and cop some of these rad glow in the dark stickers. Happy Ending Fridays happens every week at Fortune in Chinatown at 147 E. Pender Street. We come in peeeeeace!

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