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Helicopter Wrap

Helicopter Wrap

We completed this amazing helicopter transformation for Novictor Aviation. The design was done by the people at Rainbow Helicopters and it was surveyed, printed and installed by us.  This shape was one of the most difficult shapes to wrap! We used heat to shrink the vinyl by up to 50% in order to get it to wrap around the egg shaped helicopter. We had to get the rainbow stripes to register at both the top and bottom of the tail boom. It was like wrapping a rectangle over an egg! Aviation registration #'s were produced as printed cut vinyl with transfer tape 
our graphic installer had the vinyl perfectly conformed to thousands of rivets.
The company is based out of Oahu, Hawaii and we were constantly on the phone and in contact via email to be sure we got this completed correctly.
Check out how great it turned out! We are looking forward to working on another one together soon, it's already in the works!
 Check out this cool video below.
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