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Install for Lululemon @ Metrotown!

Install for Lululemon @ Metrotown!


Lululemon had decided to renovate their metrotown store. They wanted the front cashier's area to represent something that felt close to home (BC). Lululemon approached Blast Media looking for an alternative type of material. It had to have an earthy, organic look and feel to it. The artwork had to POP - without looking too shiny or fake. We had just the right thing! We suggested using our exterior, permanent adhesive canvass material #4. They sent us a beautiful forest image. Once the print was complete we went down to begin the installation. The new shelving and cabinets had already been installed - and our installer was able to tuck the edges under the corners making everything look neat and tidy. It is this constant attention to detail that really sets us apart from other Vancouver print shops. We also supplied the backlit film material which were installed into the light boxes which were newly mounted to the wall.

We thought the final work came out great. It looks incredible in their beautiful newly renovated Metrotown location. Blast Media would like to thank Lululemon for the opportunity to work with such a fabulously successful company.

Lululemon Lightboxes2Lululemon Lightboxes2

Lululemon Lightboxes2

Lululemon Light boxesLululemon Light boxes

Lululemon Light boxes

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