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81 West Pender Street Unit D, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R3 | +1 (877) 967-7468 | 250 Yonge St #2201 Toronto, ON M5B 2L7 | (647) 361-4527
81 West Pender Street Unit D, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R3 | +1 (877) 967-7468 | 250 Yonge St #2201 Toronto, ON M5B 2L7 | (647) 361-4527
Shiny Fish Half Wrap

Shiny Fish Half Wrap


Shiny Fish aquarium & pond services came to us looking to re-do their fleet of vehicles. There previous wrap job created lots phone calls, and new perspective clients as usual - but they wanted a new design that was eye catching, and stylish. Sean Holland - the owner of - had this great idea of making the car wrap look like an aquarium and include different sized clown fish (Nemo's) swimming around. That way people would notice the clown fish in traffic and get the advertising attention he was looking for. We took his idea, sketched it out, and massaged the artwork until it was how he wanted. Check it out.

Car Wrap Rear WindowCar Wrap Rear Window

Car Wrap Rear Window

Sean also thought it would look great to have a giant Clown Fish staring at the drivers behind him while in traffic. I wish I could see the reaction of kids pointing and smiling at the giant nemo - while checking the rear view mirror.

Installation on this wrap was a breeze. The 2011 Nissan Sentra hatchback has minimal curves to it, making the installation simple and easy. The rear window perf was cut perfectly to the edges, & the wrap vinyl was tucked neatly around the edges of the metal body frame. A heat gun was used around the Nissan logo, and hatch back door handle. Again it's the small attention to detail that really sets our wraps apart from the rest. The passenger rear windows featured only partial coverage - yet we chose to go with a window perf material anyways to keep the full view from inside of the car. The overall fit and finishing of this wrap job came out excellent. It's the professionalism, and attention to detail that will give Shiny Fish's clients the best impression possible.

I personally enjoyed Sean's ideas and input for this job. It made the execution that much more fun to implement.

Half Wrap RearHalf Wrap Rear

Half Wrap Rear

Car Wrap NemoCar Wrap Nemo

Car Wrap Nemo

Car Wrap LeftCar Wrap Left

Car Wrap Left

Half Wrap RightHalf Wrap Right

Half Wrap Right

Rear DoorRear Door

Rear Door

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