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UBC - Consent is clear

UBC - Consent is clear

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2015-09-11 14.54.07

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2015-09-11 14.53.49

We recently did some work for the University of British Columbia's Consent campaign on raising awareness to prevent attacks on campus. Check out their website for full info on this campaign as there is a lot of information available on it. Check out this direct link for more information -

We printed onto cement, sidewalks, brick walls and other textured surfaces using non-slip overlaminate. You can find these at their Vancouver campus.

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2015-09-11 14.50.51

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2015-09-11 14.33.51

This is a great campaign to create awareness in and around UBC campus due to the many attacks that have already taken place.

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2015-09-11 14.49.07

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