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Vancouver Bike Share Project

Vancouver Bike Share Project

This was a big one! We were involved in the print and install of the Mobi bike share program in Vancouver late last year. We printed and installed the bike stickers, alumi-panel signs and metal signs with branding. We had completed the project for Mobi when shortly after we were advised that we were now needed to change over all the bikes and stations over to the new Mobi by Shaw logos and branding.

We now had a few short weeks to change over 1500 bikes, 150 stations and 2700 docks throughout the city of Vancouver. Despite the snowfall curveball that mother nature sent our way we were able to complete everything that needed to be done in the time frame that was asked of us. The below zero temperatures makes it difficult for some materials to stick to the bikes and stations but our knowledge of product and experienced installers worked through the low temperatures and snow and got it done!

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Cycle Hop did an excellent job helping the City of Vancouver set up the bike share program it needed. You will find the bikes and stations throughout the city looking sleek and ready to go for your biking needs. Hop on and get around the city at your convenience.

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